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Expanding the visual arts rainbow in the Miami Valley

The African American Visual Artists Guild (AAVAG), of Dayton, Ohio, was born out of the need to express visually the African American experience through a wide range of styles and subject matter using many diverse approaches and materials with a focus on communicating the artist's own spirituality.

This organization shall not discriminate against any employee or applicant for membership or employment because of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, marital status, age, sexual orientation or disability, and shall take such affirmative action as necessary to ensure that applicants are employed or become members and are treated equally during employment or membership.

Black Lives Matter

Visual Voices 2021

Black Life As Subject Matter II

Shango Center for the study of African American Culture is pleased to present the Visual Voices 2021 exhibit titled: Black Life as subject Matter II. Black Life in all its manifestations is, indeed a worthy subject matter for creative expression by African-American visual artists in search of truth and beauty. The exhibit will run from February 15th - April 30th, 2021. Small group viewing by appointment during gallery hours 11 - 5 pm Tuesday - Saturday at the EbonNia 1135 W. Third Street, Dayton , OH 45402. The exhibit is also virtual via https://www.bingdavisartstudio.org. For more info call 937-223-2290.

  • 1ST EYE_Mixed Media_10 in x 10 in_$50
  • BLEND_Dried Paint_10 in x 10 in_$30
  • BLOSSOMING_Mixed Media_16 in x 20 in_$160
  • BURNT CHOCOLATE_Mixed Media_12 in x 16 in_$40
  • FOCUS_mixed Media_16 in x 20 in_$130
  • GOOD MARRIAGE_Mixed Media_12 in x 16 in_$30
  • HEART SPACE_Dried Paint_10 in x 10 in_$30
  • HE IS COLORED_Dried Paint_16 in x 12 in_$50
  • LOTUS CROWN_Mixed Media_10 in x 10 in_$30
  • PENINSULA MAYBE - I KNOW CRAZY_Dried Paint_10 in x 20 in_$40
  • PHOENIX_Dried Paint_16 in x 12 in_$40
  • RABBIT HOLE_Painting_24 in x 30 in_$200
  • ROOTED_Mixed Media_10 in x 10 in_$30
  • SACRAL SPACE_Mixed Media_10 in x 10 in_$30
  • SHE BOT_Dried Paint_10 in x 10 in_$30
  • SHE CREATES_Mixed Media_16 in x 12 in_$130
  • SHE ROCKS_Mixed Media_16 in x 20 in_$160
  • SHRINKING STARS_Mixed Media_16 in x 20 in_$150
  • SHRINKY CITRUS_Mixed Media_16 in x 20 in_$150
  • SOLAR_Mixed Media_10 in x 10 in_$30
  • SPACE ODESSEY_Dried Paint_16 in x 12 in_$50
  • SPEAK__Mixed Media_10 in x 10 in_$30
  • SPEAKER BOX_Mixed Media_16 in x 20 in_$130
  • SWAY_Dried Paint_16 in x 12 in_$40
  • SWIRL_Painting_12 in x 16 in_$30
  • VERSATILE_Mixed Media_16 in x 20 in_$130
  • WHIRL_Mixed Media_11 in x 14 in_$40

Paint Molds Art

Virtual Exhibit Above

Live Exhibit now at AAVAG's CSUD Gallery-840 Germantown Street, Dayton 45402, March to April, 2021.

Exhibit open Monday-Saturday, 9am to 4 pm, masks required. A closing reception will be held on Friday April 30, Central State University Dayton branch at 840 Germantown Street, second floor gallery, Dayton 45402. The reception will run from 3 pm to 7 pm. Refreshments will be provided and CDC guidelines will be followed for mask wearing and social distancing. To purchase art in this exhibit, direct inquiries to Andrea Walker Cummings, asc2507@yahoo.com, or 614-679-4015

To see the sale price and the medium, move your mouse cursor over the image.

CSUD Gallery

Paint Molds Art

Art Exhibit of the Works of LaChrisa Gales

March to April 2021, CSUD Gallery, 2nd floor, 840 Germantown Street 45402

AAVAG member, LaChrisa Lynne Gales born November 14, 1987. Birthplace, Dayton, Ohio and current resident. Interior Design Student at Sinclair Community College. Meadowdale high school alumni. "I enjoy making three-dimensional abstract art using found objects. Playing with color combinations and texture. Through my art I hope to uplift vibrations and express what is within".

Open Studio drawing and painting sessions!
We are scheduling painting and drawing sessions, that will be open to the public; check this page daily for date, place and time.
Our Monthly Meetings

We meet the last Saturday of the month, 2 pm to 4 pm at Central State University Dayton at 840 Germantown Street 45402, except for July and Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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